Canada Department of education Policies: Issues taken in Consideration

Canada Department of education Policies: Issues taken in Consideration

Canada Education Policies: Issues of Bear on

The public financial investment in education appears to have produced only mediocre results from the labor-market standpoint, this is as per the indicators of performance. Distinctly, the amount is to be used is only important but also how it used also very important.

Many of them criticized the system of federal EPF, made without directions or guidelines, it is very much lack in effectiveness. Many stress on the need of consensus on goal for better education, for clarification of the union administration's part and for appropriate institutional structures to balance the demands of the labor market with the interests of somebody students and the goal of the following of knowledge, both of is related with the general and research-related . Speakers at the 1987 National Assembly discussed the accessibility; quality and funding of educational activity in a position where institutions, disciplines and concern groups tend to compete for dwindling financial resources without the profit of a distinctly defined aim.

Many question arisen on the Canada's Education system and focus, quality of education in spite of network of public education system. In its 1992 study, "Education and Training in Canada", the Economic Council of Canada concluded that many young Canadians are not well served by their education system
The demand for programs directed toward labor-market requirements may be expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Labor-market reviews have shown that employers increasingly require more educated and flexible workers.

Crucial as it is, preparation for the labor force is only one of several objectives of a mature education system. But the focus is shifted on economic consideration; the traditional ideals of the civilizing, socializing, and inspiring nature of education persist. The nearly earmark jobs to an extent, hence, continue assailable to interpretation. There is, however, a general expectation that teaching should be reasonably accessible and of good quality, while addressing the most crucial needs of young people and the society in which they live. In addition, there is a growing awareness of the practical necessity for education systems to be not only effective, but efficient in terms of cost.

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