Carl Jung's Psychological Types And The Information Found In Dreams

Carl Jung's Psychological Types And The Information Found In Dreams

Your dreams have a #psychotherapeutical effect because they are specially produced in order to help you acquire consciousness. Consciousness is basically the comprehension of your mistakes.

Your human #conscience is one-sided and under-developed. You are either an introvert or an extrovert. You must learn how to have a balanced attitude.

You have four psychological functions:

* Thoughts
* Feelings
* Sensations
* Intuition

Your psychological type is defined by the psychological function that is more developed in your conscience and a second psychological function, half-developed. This second psychological function cannot be the opposite of your main psychological function.

So, if your psychological type is based on thoughts, your second psychological function can be based on sensations or intuition, but not on feelings because feelings are the opposite of thoughts.

If your psychological type is based on feelings, exactly the same happens. Your second psychological function can be based on sensations or intuition, but not on thoughts.

If your psychological type is based on sensations, your second psychological function can be based on thoughts or feelings, but not on intuition, because intuition is the opposite of sensations.

If your psychological type is based on intuition, exactly the same happens. Your second psychological function can be based on thoughts or feelings, but not on sensations.

Your thoughts help you think logically. If you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts you make your decisions exclusively based on thoughts, without taking your feelings into consideration. You basically ignore your sensations and your intuition, even if one of them is the second, half-developed psychological function that belongs to your #psychological type.

The same happens with all the other types. You always make your decisions exclusively based on the psychological function more developed in your conscience. Your second, half-developed psychological function helps you only sometimes.

You receive an under-developed conscience because you have to develop your intelligence during your life, otherwise you won't evolve.

You acquire consciousness by facing various experiences in your life and learning something with them. This is a long process. If you will face it alone, you won't learn what is really important.

God produces your dreams in order to help you acquire consciousness faster by directly eliminating your anti-conscience, and developing your human conscience. Your dreams show you what exists in your brain and what defines your behavior.

You need guidance because your conscience is deficient, as you could see with my explanations. All psychological types are absurd and tend to become neurotic with time. The psychological types were discovered by Carl Jung in 1920, when he published his work about this matter.

I could verify the precision of his descriptions in 1984. His definitions can be verified in the behavior of all human beings. Everyone belongs to one of the eight psychological types discovered by Jung: four introverted and four extroverted ones, which are based in each one of the four psychological functions we have at our disposal.

Your dreams give you information that helps you develop the psychological functions you are not consciously using.

People who belong to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts are anti-social and too proud of their intelligence. Their work takes time to be completely. They are able to do complicated tasks, but they are unable to have positive relationships. They are misunderstood by their environment.

People who belong to the extroverted psychological type based on thoughts believe that everything has an explanation based on what someone else already said. They agree with the mindset of their historical time. They insist on their points of view as if they reflected the absolute truth.

All introverts are anti-social.

All extroverts depend on other people for everything.

My summary shows you a few characteristics of each psychological type, but this is enough to give you an idea of how they work. You can see that every person is unable to understand their reality as it is because everyone uses only one main psychological function, and another one only sometimes.

How can we live happily on earth if there are so many contrasting psychological types?

Carl Jung concluded that we had to respect the points of view of every psychological type.

I concluded that all #psychological types need #psychotherapy, before they will become neurotic. All psychological types they tend to become neurotic, since they are absurd.

After continuing Jung's research and discovering the existence of the anti-conscience, I verified that the psychological functions that are not developed in our conscience belong to our anti-conscience. Since Jung couldn't clearly see the anti-conscience like I did, he believed that many of the characteristics of the anti-conscience belonged to the unconscious mind.

He couldn't understand the big difference existent between the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams and works like a doctor, and our satanic anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience. For him everything was obscure because he stopped his research at a certain point.

I clarified everything for you.

You have to obey the divine guidance in your dreams in order to completely eliminate your anti-conscience and become more intelligent. You will also become more sensitive. You will learn how to pay attention to what each one of your psychological functions can understand.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness

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