Computer Forensics Employed for Evidences

Computer Forensics Employed for Evidences

A number of new crimes related to computers was detected in 1980s. This is the reason why Computer Forensic Analysis was introduced by the professionals of Computer Digital Forensics.

During the dawn of 1980s, Personal computers had become quite accessible by the consumers which led to an increase in the criminal activities. A number of new crimes related to computers were detected. This is the reason why Computer Forensic Analysis was introduced by the professionals of Computer Digital Forensics.

Computer Digital Forensics which is also known as computer forensic science is that of digital forensic science which deals with the legal evidences which are found in the computers as well as Digital storage devices. The aim of Computer Forensic Analysis is to scrutinize the digital devices. The scrutinisation is sound in terms of forensic manner. The identification, preservation, recovery, analysis, and presentation of the facts regarding the information are the work of the forensic analysis team.

Most of the times it is associated to the scrutinisation of a variety of computer related crimes. But computer forensic analysis can also be utilized in proceedings which are civil in nature. This discipline includes various techniques as well as principles which are similar to data recovery. However, some additional practices and guidelines have been designed for creating a legally sound auditing trail.

Evidences from the computer forensic analysis investigation are generally subject to similar practices and guidelines of the other digital evidences. A number of high profile cases have used it, making it a globally accepted as a reliable source.

The computer forensics investigation generally follows a standard process of digital forensics like analysis, acquisition and report. The investigations are done on the statically data which is gathered from the images. This is different from the forensic science practices which used to take place earlier. There was a huge dearth of specialized tools which made the investigators work on live statistics.

Various techniques are used for investigating computer forensic. Some of them include cross drive analysis, live analysis, etc.

Cross drive analysis- it is a technique which relates the information detected on different hard drives. This process is still being worked upon. It is usually used for identifying social network and for performing anomaly detection.

Live Analysis- the scrutinisation of the computers specifically inside their Operating system with the help of customized forensics. It is helpful in handling the encrypting file system.

Deleted Files- it is a very comman technique which is used in forensic analysis of computers. It helps in recovering the deleted files. Most of the times the Operating system does not erase the data. This helps the investigators to recover the file.

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