Conservatories - Important Tips to Remember While Opting For a Conservatory

Conservatories - Important Tips to Remember While Opting For a Conservatory

Conservatories are an extension of your home in garden with a glass and metal structure. Conservatory is a part of house as well as garden. One can enjoy the openness of garden as well as luxury and comfort of home. Earlier the conservatories were used for horticulture purposes but now it is like an extra room in your home.

Important Tips to remember while deciding for a Conservatory are:-

Planning - First plan out the need of conservatory, for what all purpose you would like to use the conservatory like Study Room, Yoga, Guest Room, Rest Room etc. Then get a design made from a professional according to those requirements.

Building Regulations - Check to see if there are any building regulations which need approval from concerned departments.

The Size of Conservatory - The size of conservatory has to be decided keeping in mind the requirement and the size of space available.

Shape - One has to decide what shape you want in a conservatory like P shaped conservatory or Edwardian, Victorian or Gable one.

Roof - The roof will be Glass or Polycarbonate one

Windows - In comparison to wooden windows which require lot of maintenance and paint the PVC-U windows come in variety of colors and are maintenance free and they are smooth and have reliable and consistent operation. They provide right insulation to the windows and thus help in energy conservation. They are rot free and environment friendly because you are not cutting trees to get your windows. These types of PVC-U frames can be easily recycled.

Co lour - Any color is possible, you need to decide about the color of your conservatory, most popular ones are Cream, Green or Black.

Insulation - The Insulation of the conservatory should be such that it is warm in winters and cool in summers. It should reflect the sunlight from windows and roof in summers.

Weatherproof - The wind, rain and sunlight nothing should effect the look and condition of the conservatory.

Soundproof - The Conservatory should be sound proof so that the noise of rain on the roof or any disturbance outside does not hinder with your peace of mind.

Decorative Glass - There are various choices of using decorative glass in the conservatory. There are also privacy glasses which add decoration to your conservatory as well maintain your privacy. Bevelled designs on glass are also available which will add a unique elegance and design to your home.

Internal Georgian Bars on Windows - The Internal bars on windows add to the security and look of your windows.

Handles - Handles should be high quality and they come in white, gold, silver and black color. You may choose the handles according to the style of your home.


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