Countertops That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into a Sanctuary

Countertops That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into a Sanctuary

One of the best places in the home to make into a sanctuary is the kitchen. Homeowners and guests gravitate to the kitchen as a place of warmth and comfort. Revamping your kitchen to provide you with even more comfort as you prepare meals and congregate around the table for conversation is one of the best home improvements you can make.

The countertop is where you and other family members will prepare meals. Great countertops can inspire great meals. The materials you choose for countertops can set the tone for the design of the entire kitchen. Professional design teams have great ideas for you to consider as you choose countertops for your kitchen.

Granite Countertops Provide Protection, Durability, Elegance

Granite countertops, crafted from natural stone, come in many colors that can blend with the color scheme that you have chosen for your kitchen. The durable, polished surface is highly resistant to germs as well as household chemicals, so it makes an ideal choice for a kitchen countertop. Sealing the countertops on a regular basis will keep their surface easy to clean and maintain.

Marble Provides Classic Beauty With a Cool Surface

Also a natural stone material, marble gives your kitchen a classic, clean appearance. For bakers, marble is the material of choice. Marble keeps cool longer, since it is not a material that conducts heat easily. Like granite, it is durable, but its surface does scratch easily. It is, however, available in a multitude of colors to create a seamless blend with your kitchen's design.

Countertops from Recycled Materials Help You Save the Earth, One Meal at a Time

For environmentally-minded families, a countertop crafted from materials that have been tossed out in the trash and repurposed as construction material may be the best choice. Countertops can be made from cement that has been recycled, as well as from glass from soda bottles in a variety of colors. Many countertops made from recycled materials, like granite, must be sealed to provide a durable surface that will give years of service. Our design team can give you even more ideas how you can use recycled materials to create attractive and functional countertops for your home.

Soapstone Lends Texture to Your Kitchen Countertops

If you love the feeling you get when you touch mineral talc, you will love soapstone countertops. Like soapstone, they are smooth to the touch. Generally, this material darkens with age, giving a richer appearance to the countertop. Quartz veins in the soapstone add a touch of luxury to this touch-friendly material.

Stainless Steel

For a contemporary, workmanlike appearance in your kitchen, stainless steel will fit the bill. Stainless steel countertops are a breeze to clean. Their smooth surfaces repel germs and resist corrosion from household chemicals. Its streamlined look and neutral color fits well into nearly every kitchen color scheme.

Your local design professionals can help homeowners feel more at home in their kitchen with upgrades, decoration, and remodeling that can be customized to each family's preferences. To see how you can update your kitchen countertops to make your kitchen a more welcoming place, make an appointment with our design team today.


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