Crafts Are Geared for Each Age and Skill Level at Sleepaway Summer Camp

Crafts Are Geared for Each Age and Skill Level at Sleepaway Summer Camp

Arts and crafts are a big hit at overnight summer camp, where youngsters get creative with everything from pottery wheels to sewing #machines and skill saws. Because of the wide range of ages and skills at most camps, arts and crafts programs are divided up into age groups with younger campers creating colorful collages, hand-sculpted pieces and fun #crafts like sand #candles, while older kids are often able to use more sophisticated artistic media and woodworking tools. Whatever the age, arts and crafts activities at overnight sleepaway camp foster a spirit of #camaraderie and #creativity, with young artists excitedly chatting as they work on visual arts projects.

Good old fashioned craft projects are a time-honored summer camp tradition, and many adults wistfully recall sitting around long picnic tables on sultry afternoons surrounded by loads of friends, paper, paint, glue, craft embellishments and laughter. From friendship bracelets to wind chimes, God's eyes, tie-dye T-shirts and personalized tote bags, camp crafts often become treasured memorabilia of long, lively days on the lake.

Drawing and Painting
Kids of all ages love to create landscapes, portraits, caricatures and abstract works of art. Camp art classes use a variety of mediums including ink, colored pencils, water colors and acrylic paints. While younger kids may just enjoy some free form designs and basic color concepts, older campers may receive more advanced instruction in perspective, color and design.

Ceramics, from free-form clay designs to pottery wheel masterpieces, lends itself to all sorts of cool creations, from bowls to vases, animal sculptures, refrigerator magnets and nature tiles. Younger campers love to hand sculpt and paint everything from flower pots to name tags. Use of a pottery wheel is usually reserved for older campers who can better learn wheel throwing technique and use of glazes and stains, enabling them to design and create a wealth of projects including bowls, plates and mugs.

Not only is creating jewelry fun, but necklaces, bracelets and earrings make great gifts and wearable memorabilia of happy days at camp. Little kids love to string beads, put sparkle on just about everything and weave friendship bracelets, while more advanced skills may involve use of wire wrapping and more intricate aesthetic designs.

Today's tech-savvy kids seem to love the old-fashioned skills of wood working. When starting out, kids can make boats and toys by gluing Popsicle sticks together, then later learn such basic skills as measuring and cutting wood in a straight line or designing a simple project. As they progress, campers learn how to safely use basic hand tools to design and create personalized projects ranging from chess sets to salad bowls, toys and birdhouses. Senior campers often get the opportunity to use power tools including band saws and drills to build more advanced projects

Art Show
Lots of sleepaway camps wind up a summer of amazing creativity with a camp-wide art show, giving kids the opportunity to show off a season's work to family and friends. You'll be amazed at the wonderful works of art your child has produced and delighted with the joy and excitement he or she has found in the creative process.

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