Find the right college roommate, find college success


Find the right college roommate, find college success

Leaving home for college is always an exciting time for many freshmen as they imagine what the place will look like and how their lives will change once they get there. College is usually associated with freedom and reckless abandon to do anything and everything that you might want to do. However, it should be clearly noted that the main objective for attending college is so that you can gain an education that will help you in your future life.

There are many freshmen who come to college with an attitude of learning and improving themselves and others are just out to have fun. If you are serious about your school work and you have a roommate who is not the least bothered with their studies then that might be a source of conflict between the two of you.

It is therefore important to set ground rules with your roommate on how you will be living together so that you know each other's preferences beforehand. These rules should include your time schedules, sleeping patterns as well as reading schedules so that you respect each other's time.

In case you have to use the room at a time that your roommate is scheduled to be reading or engaged in any activity in the room then you should inform them in advance. This will enable your roommate to make other plans like reading in the library or having group discussions with friends.

Involve your roommate in the activities or academic courses that you have in common so that you are able to get to know each other better. You might find that an academic challenge that might be troubling you might be easily solved by your roommate.

If possible, you can select a roommate from one of your friends who you were close to in high school especially if both of you were serious with your studies. This will enable you to eliminate any roommates that might lean more towards fun activities than studies.

Finally, use college finder sites to find a college roommate based on their interests and values. When you meet a college roommate in one of these social networks you are able to ask them questions that will help you know more about their priorities. This will allow you to choose a roommate that will give you an atmosphere that allows you to study and leave college with a degree after many years.

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If you’re headed to college and don’t have a roommate, you are considered to be ‘going potluck’. Instead of taking the luck of the draw and having a roommate assigned by the college that you are going to, we have created to help you to find a college roommate that you have something in common with. We use the power of our Facebook roommate finder app to help you for a college roommate Finder.

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