How to Overcome the Dreaded Writer's Block

How to Overcome the Dreaded Writer's Block

We've all been there and you have too if you're a writer.

You want to write but your ideas are just dried up and your creative mind is barren.

You want to write, you have the time to do it but you feel clueless as to what to do. So what can you do when the ideas wither and disappear?

Well here is the answer to that dreaded writer's block.

What you need is ideas. But if you find that sitting and thinking, meditating on it and having baths looking for that illusive 'Eureka!' moment isn't helping and the ideas just aren't coming to you, then you have to go out and find the ideas instead.

The secret is to know where to start looking so here are 3 things you can try to get the creative juices flowing once more.

1. The library. This is the best place to look for ideas. It's good because it gets you physically into a place full of written material that you can scour and it also gets you away from the usual distractions.

If you want to write non-fiction you can research the reference section as well as the non-ficiton section. If you want to write fiction, try reading the blurb on the back of many books until something piques your interest and helps you to start thinking.

2. # Magazines. Go to the library or to your local newsagent store or anywhere that has heaps of magazines. You can even find them at your local charity store. Then start browsing. Just peruse the general magazines then turn to the more generalised on subjects you like to write about. You may even find that the comics interest you more and, if you're arty enough, you could become a comic writer/artist.

3. #Blogs. These are easy to find because there are so many online. You can use a website such as that lists thousands of blogs and their latest article titles. Or just find them using good ol' Google.

It's interesting looking at blogs because so many different people can have different views on the same subject and different ways of looking at things. Just looking at money saving #blogs is fascinating. Some look at the bigger picture of saving #money on mortgages, investing and buying electronics. While other #blogs on money saving are more about penny-pinching around the home.

But wherever the best place is for you to find ideas, you just have to start looking.

And keep an ideas notebook that you always have handy because ideas don't last long and it's easy to think of a great idea in the morning and have forgotten most of it by the afternoon.

Ideas notebooks are invaluable for capturing your ideas as they occur and eventually, when you collect enough ideas, your notebook becomes another place you can look for your next great writing idea.

Good luck.

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About the author: Ruth Barringham is a writer from Brisbane Australia and she has a website for writers at where you can find writing resources, articles, free downloads and her latest eBook, "Goodbye Writer's Block: How to Be a Creative Genius and Have an Abundance of Ideas Plus the Inspiration and Motivation to Write."
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