How to Transfer iPhone Music to Computer

How to Transfer iPhone Music to Computer

It is easy to transfer iPhone music to computer. With the help of software developers on the internet, they were able to create a lot of software that can assist an iPhone owner to transfer his music files on a computer. It is very important that iPhone users create a backup of their music files on their computer. Those users will never know when their iPhone might get broken or stolen.

There are two effective ways on getting the music files from an iPhone and transferring them to a computer. It depends to the user which method he will use to get the job done.

Using Automatic Software

As mentioned before, there is a lot of software available on the internet to help an iPhone owner to transfer the music files from the iPhone to the computer. All that is needed is to search and download an automatic iPhone to computer transfer software.

Even though it says automatic, the iPhone owners still need to run the software just after you connect your iPhone to your computer. Once the program is loaded to the computer, the owner can now choose the songs that he wants to copy to the computer. In addition, it is possible to copy multiple songs at once.

After confirming the copy of the songs, iTunes will automatically sort and add the songs copied to the owner's library.

Using a Manual File Finder

Like the automatic software above, you can just easily search and install a manual file finder in your computer. These manual file finders are programs that actually allow a user to see and navigate to the hidden file and folders of an iPhone.

The user must connect his iPhone first and open iTunes. After doing that, the iTunes must be updated first. However, it is best to synchronize the iPhone first to the computer just to make sure that the files in the iPhone have a backup.

After doing that open the Manual File Finder software and then close the iTunes program. The Manual File Finder should now detect and read the iPhone that is connected to the computer.

The lastly, the owner can now browse the contents of the iPhone. It is like browsing the directories on a disk drive. The owner can now look for the songs that he wants to copy. To transfer iPhone music to computer, he can just click and drag the songs that he wants to his desktop.

With those instructions above, every iPhone owner can now easily transfer iPhone music to computer. In addition, every user should be thankful that such software exists to provide them help on copying music from their iPhone. The worry of losing the songs that he kept on his iPhone will disappear after doing the steps provided. However, always take note that creating copies of pirated and stolen music is illegal. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user too, you should now look for the programs mentioned above to start on the creating backup copies of the songs you have in your iPhone.

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