Impact of Web Services on International Travel

Impact of Web Services on International Travel

International travel has become more convenient and advanced in this generation due to the application of internet. #Conducting a business, carrying out transactions, selling and buying items or #making travel plans, everything can be done at ease using web services. Such has been the implication of internet in modern day travel that all modes of travel, be it bus, train or flights have a strong presence on the web. When it comes to air travelling, all the more development has taken place. Right from the time of booking till the time travellers board the flight, everything can be seamlessly done on the internet.

The main reason for this wide #application and utilization of web services is the easy accessibility to #internet. Even a couple of decades back air travelling meant travelling to the airports, standing in a long queue and booking tickets for flights. That was a time when people did not have any choice to give importance to their personal requirements. They just had to visit the airport counters, asked for tickets for their respective destinations and the airline representatives gave them whatever was available. Choice of date and time of journey and selecting seats according to personal requirements was something, which cannot be dreamt in those days.

Change of System

Slowly, the #system changed entirely as internet became an everyday aspect across the globe. People started using the web services for accessing all information. This was the time when airlines started creating their presence on the internet. Travellers could get information about airlines if they wanted. This factor became extremely popular among fliers, especially who took flights often. The main reason because of this popularity was the easy accessibility of information and increased transparency. People could book tickets for flights according to their choice and convenience. Even some airlines started allowing people to make a seat selection from the comfort of their homes.

Modern-day Air Travelling

This was the time when online travel agencies (OTAs) stepped their feet into air travelling. There work was simple, they combined all the information of various airlines and projected them on a single place. This further increased the application of internet for air travelling. Whenever travellers wanted to get information for a certain route, they could get the list of all flights of various airlines. They could even compare the airfare offered by various carriers and book tickets accordingly. Travel portals collaborated with popular chain of hotels as well. This enabled travellers to book flight plus hotel packages in a single transaction. This, not only was a way to save travel expenses, but also spared travellers of the headache. They could make all arrangements even before their journey started. This changed the entire face of air travelling. Today, the world stands at a place when right from searching of flights to checking in at airports, everything can be done with a mouse-click.

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