International Journals of Science, Medical and Technology

International Journals of Science, Medical and Technology

Journals Pub is an upcoming international publisher in the field of Science, Technology and Medical, publishing high quality peer reviewed international journals covering almost every discipline of science, engineering and medical sciences. Journals Pub unravels multifarious role of science by bringing out print and online international journals and also key player in fetching out the extensive coverage of international conferences proceedings; in the vast scope of Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Material Sciences and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Nursing. JournalsPub is a platform for peer-reveiwed international journal that focuses on publication of original research work, review articles, short communication carried out globally in its multifarous print and online international journals.

All contribution that you will make is refereed meticulously and carefully chosen on the basis of quality and originality of the work. These peer reviewed international journals aims to publish the most noteworthy new researches and review works in all areas pertaining to its scope, thus ensuring its scientific priority and significance. The type of articles that JournalsPub look forward to receive should mainly be an out-come of original research and the review articles that summarizes the state-of-the-art scenario of a specific research field. Other contributions include, research communications, and editorials.

On receiving these research articles, we look upon our guardian of research records i.e. our esteemed editorial boards. Reviewers are in a unique position to encourage the conduct of good research through their policies and processes. Peer reviewers play a vital role in the review process and the process depends principally on the trust and requires everyone involved in the process to behave responsibly and ethically. At JournalsPub, peer reviewer/editors play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the record. Peer reviewing in JournalsPub in its all form is important for the scientific community and we are proud that our reviewers adhere themselves to the highest standard of publication ethics.

The entire process followed at JournalsPub offers a huge resource of knowledge online as all our journals are available both online and in print format. Specialized in print and online international journals/Proceeding publishing, JournalsPub is committed to editorial and technical excellence combined with traditional values of Quality and collaboration. JournalsPub provides a platform for and to the society at large, to get their proceedings, papers and submissions at conferences published electronically. It also provides conveyors and organizers to be able to publish timely & effectively. We takes pride in understanding the needs of our authors and editors with exceptional technical and scholarship credentials and we work hard to get your quality research to print quickly and painlessly.
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Journal's Pub is a leading provider of content solution to enhance the outlook towards research and to improve the quality of scientific communication in research, education and professional practices. Journals Pub provides peer reviewed international journals of science, medical and technology.
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