Is The Great Environmental Health Threat Affecting You

Is The Great Environmental Health Threat Affecting You

Many people have the idea that health depends solely on lifestyle choices: That health can be taken care of through making appropriate choices in diet, exercise and handling their psychological wellbeing and in addition to this avoiding toxicity of sorts...

Important as these are one other vital factor is missing. So missing that even when a Spartan-strict approach towards a healthy lifestyle is applied, that alone cannot guarantee the health of anyone.

The few people who are aware of this vital factor and its potential as a great threat to health, life, humanity and the future of this planet know that currently there are no real solutions to the problems it's created. Yes, it's that serious; out of control and getting worse.

Sorry to be the bringer of this but it's only to make you aware of the gravity of the situation and that something needs to be done...

That other missing factor is what I collectively call the great environment health threat. Life, humanity and the future of the planet is under threat from out-your-control external environmental influences that may well be hitting you closer to home than realized.

Here's a list of some of those environmental threats.

GM Foods Ecocide

The unfolding of human and ecological disaster continues in the way of GMO agriculture, pushed on by cash-hungry GM corporations with their misrepresented science while paying off senior politicians to give it the go ahead...

Renowned risk analyst Professor Nassim Nicholas who had predicted the 2008 financial crash though his risk models recently used his statistical acumen to analyse GMO. His startling conclusion spelt ecocide; that GMO could have an irreversible termination of life on a planetary scale...

Understand that in the cause and effect chain GMO impacts everyone from local to global.


Using new drilling technology, fracking or the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock layers from deep underground with high pressure fluid allows pockets of oil or gas to be extracted. The fact that it has been banned in a number of countries is indeed enough to send a red flag warning.

The said dangers to health include air pollution near wells containing carcinogenic, endocrine disruptive, respiratory and heart disease causing gases, capable of affecting those within a half-mile radius.

Then there are the chemical pollutants from recycled fracked water containing toxic chemicals and other goodies like heavy metals. This recycled water finds its way into lakes, rivers and agriculture after irrigation.

Broken water wells are another concern. For instance, published by the National Academy of Sciences in Pennsylvania a recent peer reviewed study linked domestic water supplies with methane gas contamination to drilling and hydraulic fracturing. So badly contaminated with methane, flames could be produced on the water's surface when lit!

Low Frequency EMF's (Electromagnetic fields)

Since the explosive interest in mobile phones and wireless we are finding ourselves bombarded with low frequency EMF's produced from these devices. These EMF's have been known to give cancer, heart disease, immune system breakdowns, neurological disorders, depression and other illnesses. You only have to look at the 2012 'Bio-Initiative report' containing 1000's of pages of extensive peer reviewed research linking these illnesses to EMF's.

Destroying of Ocean Ecologies

Our oceans and its life forms are seriously threatened by oil spillages and Fukushima radiation leaks leading to high levels of contaminants. Sea food for example, contains heavy metals such as mercury and radiation. Physicist, Nobel Peace nominee Dr. Helen Caldicott says the contamination will continue for hundreds of years... From the Fukushima site some 300 plus tons of radioactive water ends up getting released in the Pacific Ocean every day. This has been going on for several years, contaminating the ocean's ecologies. What about finding its way into other oceans? This only highlights the currently unsolvable problem originating from Fukushima.

Other Threats to Our Health

In addition to the above list other environmental threats to health include x-rays, fluoride, bio-warfare and secretly lab-bred pathogens such as the Ebola virus and the H1 series, chemtrails, mysterious vaccine ingredients...

No amount of good nutrition, exercise or positive outlook on life can fix the problems related to these things unless they are addressed. A major call for radical accountability is needed: It is indeed time for us to get active.


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