Journalism Program Allows Students Quick Industry Entry

Journalism Program Allows Students Quick Industry Entry

Did you know it was possible to begin a program at various entry points? Centennial College makes it possible with its Fast Track options. These are programs that benefit those who wish to have speedy entry into the workforce and typically have some sort of post-secondary training and/or experience. This option was designed with the realization that many learners seek shorter, relevant programs that complement their education and experiences. Despite the delivery, students of these programs still receive a respected Diploma credential and often get to experience a field placement, which is a valuable aspect of college training.
One such offering at Centennial College is the Fast-Track Journalism program. This undertaking sees students learn the range of skills needed to work in various aspects of journalism such as magazine and newspaper, broadcast or online. In an ultra-modern and professional mock newsroom, students partake in courses among which are: News Laboratory, Radio News, Advanced Interviewing Techniques, Beat Reporting, Journalism Design, Multiplatform Design and more. The courses are carried out in an energetic, dynamic and hands-on environment, and are led by a faculty of seasoned professionals and educators.

While many Journalism schools offer some sort of hands-on experience, Centennial College takes it past mock assignments and puts students into the real world. This is achieved through a placement that lasts 15 weeks and takes up the entire final semester of the program. Thanks to its length, students are able to gain solid experience that will enhance their resume as they work alongside seasoned journalists and editors in a commercial media outlet or communications agency. Throughout the program they also get to produce stories for the award-winning East York Observer newspaper, the Toronto and Scarborough Observer website and the Scarborough news magazine.

Once of the most beneficial outcomes of the program is that students graduate with a well-rounded portfolio. This portfolio is a tool that employers use to gage a journalist experience and potential. Through their time at Centennial College, students portfolios include everything from breaking news to in-depth human-interest features.

Thanks to the overall experience they have in the program, graduates are often hired by respected companies, among which are Canadian Living Online, Toronto Sun, Global TV and National Post. As graduate and Global Television anchor Kris Reyes, sums up, Centennial was a great place for me to connect with people in the industry. My teachers at Centennial helped me get my first internship at CTV and also to land an internship in Washington, DC. They were always supportive of my enthusiasm which is all you can really ask for in a program.

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This article is to educate readers about the Fast Track Journalism program in Toronto, which includes training in various types of journalism such as magazine, online, broadcast, newspaper and more.
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