Raising the Silicone Question

Raising the Silicone Question

Conceivably for the longest time, the issue about silicone in hair care products has persisted. More than you think, silicone is present in many other products. The question that you might need to ask when you see "-cone" written on the label is this: Is it water-soluble or non-soluble?

Why is silicone a popular ingredient in many hair products?

The reasons why silicone has become a staple ingredient in many hair solutions, serum, and other hair essentials include:

  • Improves unhealthy-looking dull, brittle and damaged hair.
  • Helps repair the structure of chemically-damaged strands.
  • Great for smoothing or straightening the strands while reducing humidity absorption.
  • Conditions the hair as it prevents the loss of moisture from within.
  • Coats the surface of each strand for smoother combing.
  • Increases luster.

While it is often questioned, silicone is undeniably an ingredient that works wonders because the composition of the miracle substance may be structured for specific purposes. It is able to support various needs to let your crowning glory always have that "after-parlor" attraction.

Why the fuss about silicone then?

Probably the reason is that not everyone is aware of which kind of silicone is good or bad. In reality, silicone itself is not bad for your hair and that your concern should focus on the type of agent contained in your shampoo or conditioner. What you can do is read the label to find out what kind of silicone is in the hair product. Is it water-soluble or not?

Water soluble and non-soluble

Water-soluble silicone is an oil-free ingredient that aids in replenishing hair moisture, preventing further moisture loss when used accordingly and is only absorbed where it is necessary. Simply put, it is the kind that may be washed away with water as opposed to non-soluble that has a tendency to build-up and cause the locks to appear limp and dull. Often, you would need to use products containing sulfates so that you can avoid the build-up of non-soluble silicone.

Dealing with buildup

This will only happen with use of non-soluble silicone. While any respectable shampoo may help wash away the material, those with sulfates do a better job. But then again, sulfate is another issue you don't want to deal with where your hair care is concerned.

To enjoy the benefits of silicone on your mane, look for those that don't build up in time but still give the conditioning your hair needs. Some of these products may come with other hair enhancers but these are some of what you want to see on the label: cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, phenyl trimethicone, dimethicone (although not recommended for thin or oily hair), amodimethicone or trimethylsiloxyamodimethicone. You might also want to shy away from hair cleaners that have an unusually long list of ingredients to avoid irritations and allergic reactions.

In the final analysis, silicone in hair products compensates more than it damages if you know the kind to look for. It does pay to read and understand what the fine print says. Luckily, there are manufacturers that adhere to using only what is natural and healthy for the hair. If silicone must be used to help bring out the best of mane, in particular biracial hair, look for products that contain silicone but the water-soluble kind because it is hair-friendly.

Feeling discouraged after trying one after the other to find the best hair care product that would reliably and dependably address individual hair needs of girls born of mixed heritage, Hope Farley did a methodical research about biracial hair. It paved the way for the creation of hair essentials that would help bring optimum results for all types of curls regardless of the heritage.

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