Subscribing to Podcasts

Subscribing to Podcasts

In this posting we're going to provide a comprehensive look at the way you subscribe to different Podcast using the rss feed and a handful of the most popular Podcast programs available on the market.

The tools we will look at are highlighted below:

- Mediamonkey (available at - This really is my favorite windows desktop client.
- ITunes ( - Easily typically the most popular platform available can also be the easiest method to get Podcast sent to your IPhone or IPod.
- Google Listen ( - Utilized to get content sent to your Google Android Phone.


Mediamonkey is a powerful media player software much like ITunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp. This is my personal favorite client and for anyone that runs Windows and wants a slick, free media player this client would the very first on my list of recommendations.

Mediamonkey has a simple Podcast subscription system built directly into the program. This enables you to find different Podcast on the Internet and copy the RSS feed and subscribe to them. Whenever Mediamonkey is then launched it checks these RSS feeds for new downloads and automatically downloads them for you.

To subscribe to a new Podcast in Mediamonkey go through following steps.

- Copy the Podcast RSS Feed address of the Podcast you wish to subscribe to.
- Open Mediamonkey
- Right-click on the "Podcast Subscriptions" on the left hand side of the application and then click 'Subscribe to new Podcast'. Paste the Podcast URL into the subscription dialog.
- Click OK


ITunes is the most common Media Player used today. ITunes also has an effective built in Podcast feature. As well as their built in support for subscribing to and downloading Podcast; they also have the most used and perhaps most complete Podcast directory included in the software.

The directions included below are to subscribe to a Podcast not based in the directory in ITunes. If you subscribe to a Podcast from the directory it is just a simple one click process. Simply click "Subscribe" and it adds it to your ITunes library.

To Subscribe to a show in ITunes found outside the ITunes directory follow these directions

- Copy RSS Feed of show you would like to subscribe too
- Open ITunes
- On Left hand side of ITunes click "Podcasts"
- On the menu bar click"Advanced" and select "Subscribe to Podcast"
- Paste the RSS Feed into the box and click on "OK"

Google Listen

Google Listen is an app for you Android powered smart phone which allows you to subscribe to and download Podcast right to your phone. Listen allows you to either subscribe to a Podcast directly on your phone or to sync it with a Google Reader account. I've discovered subscribing to Podcast via Google Reader to be a much more friendly way of using this App.

To subscribe to a Podcast in Google Reader that will sync to Google Listen do the next.

- Copy RSS Feed of show you want to subscribe too.
- Goto
- Login using the Gmail account that your phone is configured too.
- Click "Add a Subscription"
- Paste the RSS Feed inside the box
- Click "Add"
- Find the Subscription on the right hand side of the Reader Pane and then click the down arrow next to it to see a listing of options. Click "Listen Subscription" To put a check mark next to it and this will sync to your Google Listen in 15-20 minutes.

This information has reviewed tips on how to subscribe to Podcast using some Popular software packages across most platforms you will employ to listen to a Podcast. Along with these programs their are hundreds of other programs available for playing Podcasts. As you become more familiar with Podcasting You might like to look at a few of these other programs to get the program that most closely fits your taste.
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