Sucked in With Baby Humor

Sucked in With Baby Humor

Why are are we suckers for sappy advertisements? Even the coldest heart will will thaw out when a young child or even better, a baby is part of the promotion. It doesn't seem to matter what you are selling if you can somehow place an adorable child or baby in the ad.

Car ads, food ads, computer ads, insurance ads, pasta and paint ads and the list goes on and on. First, these ads tug at your heart strings, then attempt to sell a product that many times has nothing to do with children. Give the copy writer credit for finding a way to get you to watch their pitch.

One of the most clever ads today features a child in a crib selling the Etrade stock buying service. The message is that buying stock through Etrade is so easy that a baby can do it. The child's mouth mirrors the words that some adult is actually saying. It is done so well that if you didn't know any better you would think that you have a baby with an adult voice who possesses an extended vocabulary. The ad is so "cute" that you are sucked into it.

One particularly sappy ad is for Smucker's jams and jellies. This ad features two young brothers who hide among the crates of jams and jellies and basically hang around the barn. One of the boys obsesses as to what he will do with his future. (You didn't know that your typical seven or eight year old obsessed about their future?) Well, this child does just that. Anyway, the older brother puts him at ease by reminding him that he is part of the great Smucker empire and his future is secure.

Then there is the Evian "Skating Babies". This ad is a prime example of an ad going viral as everyone who sees it feels compelled to pass it on to a friend. How did they do it? These babies scale a fence, do wheelies and acrobatics that would make a circus proud. Sure, we know that computer nerds can do just about any special effect with a computer but this ad takes it to the stratosphere. It remains one of the most popular viewed ads on Youtube. By gosh, I think I will grab a bottle of Evian and see if it gives me boost!

Did you know that the fashion industry has caught up to baby diapers? In a Pamper ad, two women are ogling over a little toddler wearing form fitting blue Pampers. The cute little toddler has a tag line that says, "I poo in blue." Now what could be more sappy than that?

These eye-catching ads that not only make us smile, they make us consider various products that are promoted in the ads. Blame those brilliant copywriters for making us captives during commercial breaks. Goodness, you hardly have time to make a peanut butter sandwich during those commercial breaks today.

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John Lundgren taught junior high English for over 25 years and credits his survival to his sense of humor. John noticed how his students were oblivious to the existence of germs as they shared drinks, swapped gum, and coughed and sneezed on everything in sight and this led to the creation of his first website featuring hand washing posters. Check out his site for free tips:
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