The Symbolic Meaning Of Dreams And Drawings

The Symbolic Meaning Of Dreams And Drawings

All dreams contain important information and guidance, but only Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation helps you understand the divine guidance, and only my simplifications help you understand Jung's complicated and obscure method. I completed and clarified his work, simplifying the dream language and the process of transformation you have to follow through dream translation.

I always was interested on the meaning of dreams because I had many meaningful dreams when I was a child, but I didn't know how to understand the dream messages. When I was a teen I had many strange dreams, especially when I traveled to #California (from Brazil, my country). This is why I cared about the meaning of dreams.

I read Sigmund Freud's book about the interpretation of dreams, but his method didn't work for all types of dreams.

When I was in California I had many dreams about my three little cousins. I was living with them, my aunt, and my uncle. According to Freud's theory, dreams are wish fulfillments. So, I concluded that my dreams were showing me that I wished to be like my cousins.

I believed that this interpretation could be true. I didn't like my position as a teen. I preferred to be a child like my cousins. Growing up was not so good. It was much better to be an irresponsible child.

However, this interpretation didn't explain all the details of every dream, and it couldn't be applied to many other types of dreams.

At that time (1979) I didn't know Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation, but now that I do I can tell you that my little cousins represented three immature parts of my personality.

The number three in dreams is related to the three #psychological functions that are not working in our conscience, but belong to our anti-conscience - in fact two psychological functions and a half, from the four psychological functions we have at our disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

Therefore, these three immature parts of my personality had each one the characteristics of one psychological function that wasn't conscious, and had primitive characteristics. These immature parts of my personality were absurd and evil, and had to be transformed.

I belonged to the introverted #psychological type based on thoughts, what means that my feelings were not working at all in the conscious field, since feelings are the opposite of thoughts.

When I was 15-years-old I faced a tragic car accident, and since then I became neurotic. I lost my faith and I became an aggressive atheist. When I was living in California (I was 18-years-old at that time) I still had this aggressive behavior. I was a revolted teen.

I abandoned dream interpretation after studying Freud's method because I had to study the English language, and I always was trying to make friends. I didn't want to be a lonely teen and stay all the time with my aunt and my noisy cousins.

I wanted to go back to Brazil after living for six months in the US, but my mother came to California to meet me and her brother, with the intention to travel to Greece in the continuation. So, I had to go to Greece with my mother instead of going back to Brazil after my adventures in California.

When I was living in Athens I had a boyfriend who decided to rent a house for us, which would be also a place for his business. The house he rented was only a place where we could stay for a while when we didn't go somewhere else.

We didn't have furniture or anything else. We bought a few things, but we couldn't spend too much.

So, I decided to paint something on the main wall of our living room instead of buying pictures. It was a different type of decoration.

I drew the trunk of a tree that was cut, even though it was still planted on a garden, from which three heads were coming out as if they were fruits.

These three heads indicated that I was too rationalist. My body had no importance for me. Only my head was important.

We can translate the meaning of drawings the same way we translate the meaning of dreams. All images can be translated like dream images. By understanding their symbolic meaning you will find valid information, which will protect your mental health.

Image translation:

The tree in dreams represents life, an incentive of life; something that makes us desire to be alive.

The fact that the tree was cut and only the trunk remained means that I lost an incentive of life.

This incentive of life was love.

My heart was frozen. I had no feelings.

The three heads of the trunk represented the three psychological functions that were not working in my conscience, which had a rational aspect because my rationalism was too important for me at that time, and I didn't care about my body.

Again, the number three was giving me an important message: I had to pay attention to the psychological functions that were not developed in my conscience. I had no feelings or sensations, only half-intuition, besides my thoughts.

In other words, I was totally insensitive. This was my main problem. I didn't pay attention to the feelings of my heart and to the way that my body was feeling. My intuition worked only sometimes because it was half-developed.

I cared only about my thoughts. All my psychological functions were distorted by my excessive rationalism.

My first dreams showed me that I was immature and I had to develop the three psychological functions that were not working in my conscience (my three little cousins).

My drawing on the wall showed me that these psychological functions had a rational aspect because I was too insensitive (the three heads coming out from a trunk). I didn't care about my heart and my body.

Therefore, the first expressions of the unconscious mind I paid attention to were reflecting the main problem of my life. I was too absurd because I was insensitive. This means that I could be very cruel without feeling anything.

You will verify that the unconscious mind will show you your main problem in the first dreams you will care about.

These first dreams are very important. You will better understand their meaning a few years later, when many things will happen, and you will have a better vision of the truth.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness

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