The Traitor Within, The Ongoing Battle With My Mind

The Traitor Within, The Ongoing Battle With My Mind

A nagging internal #conversation persists inside my head, and try as I might, I can't silence that voice. It's by far my harshest critic. It hardly allows me a moment's peace free of its persistent jabber. It relentlessly tries to shake my confidence by reminding me of all my past failures. It sows the seeds of fear and doubt, clouding my mind with #negative commentary. It ridicules most everything I try to do, warning me of countless imaginary difficulties.

I figured out long ago that it wasn't my friend, for every time I caved in and listened to its noise, it had me concede defeat before I even started. It had me question my every move, and robbed my of the confidence I needed to advance. It's my internal pessimist, forever warning me of dangers at every turn. It's the one that loves to call me names whenever I stumble or fall. It tells me I'm an idiot too many times to mention, and dredges up even worse labels whenever it can.

If someone else was to ever be rude, or crude, enough to say those same things to me that my inner voice has been saying all along, I would instantly cast them out of my life, and wouldn't listen to a single word they said. Why then do I ever listen to this relentless chatter? I have to learn to tame its voice, and to ignore the racket it creates inside my head if I am ever to accomplish anything of note. I got so used to that voice that I seldom noticed how negative it had become.

As a contestant in a competitive world, I must confront this foe and find ways to ignore its comments or override its messages. This internal critic, if I let it, will cause me to falter before I reach my planned objective. If I were to concede defeat, or give up on life, it would be because I spent too much time listening to its barbs. It's the traitor within, and I need to recognize it for what it is, and treat it accordingly.

It's a current against which I must swim. If I let it, those jabs would carry me away with their #negativity, and reduce my motivation to ashes. I discovered long ago that I simply can't afford the luxury of a negative thought, and though I can't eliminate its diatribe, I've learned to tune it out.

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