United Credit Education Services - An Unbiased Review

United Credit Education Services - An Unbiased Review

United Credit Education Services is a firm that specializes in helping humans dispose of erroneous and derogatory material from consumers' credit reports. If you're disgusted and weary of dealing with substandard credit and if you want to turn that around and get an improvement to your credit score, this enterprise may be one of the more desirable choices available to you.

United Credit Education Services, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, has an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau. While consumers have the right and ability to dispute erroneous and derogatory material on their credit reports without help from another entity, this company provides credit restoration services for folks who'd rather pay someone else to do it and shun the struggle of doing it themselves.

They have documented results that show many customers' credit scores booming from the low 500s and 600s at the time of enrollment to the 700s and 800s in a matter of months. Individuals who were initially slighted for a home loan turned things around and eventually got approved within only a few months of enrolling in their service.

United Credit Education Services has served over 150,000 clients has an notable deletion rate since opening its doors in 2003. According to a diagram on their website, they've helped their customers get over 545,000 bad items removed from their credit reports; nearly 57,000 of that total include public records, such as judgments, tax liens and even bankruptcies.

They offer a written, money-back guarantee - customers are simply a telephone call away from getting a quick and friendly refund if they're unsatisfied with their results - and they have live customer service representatives from 9am to 5pm, Eastern Time. It must be relief to customers who can get back to the corporate office with their questions or concerns and actually talk to somebody, instead of getting automated systems and leaving unreturned voice mails.

They also educate their customers while they work on their credit by offering extensive credit education in their online library of credit education resources.

And judging by the ample amount of testimonials posted on their website from happy, satisfied clients, it's apparent that their service works.

The amount of their service is only nowhere near the high prices that fly-by-night, so-called credit repair companies have charged in the past. In fact, a speedy, online search will reveal that they are quite competitive with other credit repair companies.

United Credit Education Services charges $499 for their service. Since they recognize that economic times are tough, they also offer two additional enrollment options.

The first is a split-payment option, where the customer pays one-half payment at enrollment and pays the balance 30 days later. The second is a monthly payment option in which the customer pays $199 at enrollment and $39 per month while the service lasts.

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In an arena full of credit-repair companies, United Credit Education Services offers a fair price for a service that offers customers a written, money-back guarantee, their own preferred web site where they can check the current status of their service at any time and the ability to talk to someone live between 9am and 5pm, Eastern Time. You can watch a video to learn more details about United Credit Education Services here.
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