What Are The Benefits of Prepaid Credit Cards

What Are The Benefits of Prepaid Credit Cards

Prepaid credit cards have become all the rage lately as these cards provide a valuable financial transaction service that many people have long since needed. Essentially, prepaid credit cards are not credit cards at all because they do not extend credit. That service is the ability to use a debit card wherever credit cards are accepted. Instead of advancing credit charges one draws from a finite amount of deposited cash. Now, some may consider this a somewhat unnecessary service, but when one examines the benefits of prepaid credit cards it becomes obvious that these cards have a great deal to offer. For starters, prepaid credit cards are a great way to protect oneself from fraud. While we would all like to assume that the world is made up of honest people, it is not. As such, there have been a great number of instances where people have been defrauded of their credit card funds. This happens often online as a number of less than reputable sellers operating out of seemingly unknown locations in the world rip people off for their credit card information. Considering the following common scenario: a person finds a website selling used books and makes a purchase using credit card information and when the credit card statement arrives it is discovered that the $5 book purchase led to $2,000 of purchases with the provided (and compromised) credit card information. Now, a prepaid credit card would be quite beneficial in this instance or in any instance where one is purchasing from an unknown vendor. For example, one could keep a very minimal amount on the prepaid card (say $20) so that if it is compromised the losses will be minimal and the card can simply be discarded. Also, these prepaid credit cards are the same as using cash to pay for items without having to carry cash around. This can provide a safety net so to speak if the card is lost or stolen. For example, if you record the account number of the prepaid card and the card ends up being lost you could quickly transfer the balance of the card to another account. This way, no money is lost. Now, if a wallet full of cash was lost then...oh well...it is gone forever. As such, the ability to replace cash with an alternate means of payment is always a huge positive particularly one that also has a threshold limit of spending much lower than a credit card as a lost credit card can prove even more calamitous than lost cash. Another aspect of prepaid credit cards that is supremely beneficial is the fact that these cards are based on a finite amount of money as opposed to advancing money on a borrowed basis. For some, there is a lack of desire to amass credit card debt, but the need for a credit card in the modern world is generally unavoidable. Additionally, there will be those individuals who would like a credit card but for a number or reasons they are turned down due to bad credit, lack of credit, etc. In regards to these problems, these prepaid credit cards come in handy as they provide a solution to such a dilemma. As one can see, prepaid credit cards have a host of benefits that speak volumes for the value of these cards. So, if worries about lost or stolen cash or credit cards, overextending oneself on credit or simply wanted to avoid the complexities of applying for a credit card, prepaid credit cards provide a simple, safe and sane solution. What better of an endorsement could one ask for than that?
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