What Does PDA Stand For? Just What Are PDA's Anyway

What Does PDA Stand For? Just What Are PDA's Anyway

One of the most common questions among those shopping for PDA's is what does PDA stand for? A PDA is also known as a personal digital assistant, and that term describes its function pretty well. A personal digital assistant is designed to help the user get more done and be able to work smarter no matter what their job. So I would say that PDA equals GMD, Where GMD stands for getting more done.

When shopping for a PDA, it helps to think about the question what does PDA stand for. A PDA should function as your assistant, helping you to get the most done with the least amount of trouble and effort.

There are many manufacturers of personal digital assistants (PDA's). Some of the most popular models of PDA's are the palm and the iPAQ. The palm is made by Palm One corporation and the iPAQ is made by HP. No matter what type of PDA's you are shopping for, it is important to make sure they contain the features and specifications you are looking for.

Let's have a quick look at the elements of a good PDA, and what you want to look at when you go out to get yourself one:

1. Maybe one of the most important elements of any PDA is its memory capacity. The memory capacity of today's pocket pc models is much better than previous models, and increased memory means that more programs can run at the same time without degrading the performance of the pocket pc. I would say that with today's demands of software, don't even think of going with less that 32 MB Installed memory to start with. Of course, this can be expanded if future needs arise.

2. Another important thing to look for is a strong processor. Again, the processor chips available for today's pocket pcs are much better and much faster than those made just a few years ago. A fast processor means that the PDA will function much more smoothly and not bog down as more programs are opened. It's recommended you aim for the 624 MHz processor, such as the one installed on the iPAQ hx4705. If you have a modest budjet, a 312 Mhz will do OK too.

3. Battery life is another important consideration when looking at the various models of PDA's. A PDA with a dead battery is a useless PDA, so it is important to not only choose a PDA with a long battery life, but to carry a spare battery and a good charger as well. Today's batteries are getting better and better, as the new Lithium Ion (Li Ion) PDA batteries are becoming more popular. These batteries are made using a new technology which makes them last %40 longer that the old Nickel Cadmium batteries. They are also a lot lighter in weight. Which makes them a perfect match for a PDA. The downside to the Lithium Ion PDA batteries is that they are more expensive, but in my opinion - this is a worth while investment.

So all you have to do now is to choose a PDA that meets your need. Good luck.

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