How to Choose the Best Exterior Doors for Your Home

One of the most important decisions you have to make whether building a new home or replacing existing windows and doors, is your exterior door. Remember this one item is what provides visitors with the first impression of your home as they walk up the path.  You may have a beautiful modern home surrounded by a spectacular and cared for...
Jan 9, 2015 |

The Significance Of A Fire Exit Door

Buildings need to have exits that will ensure that people can evacuate immediately when a fire has broken out. However, there must also be an exit strategy to use during an emergency.  An exit strategy is a plan for extricating a structure during a difficult time or a crisis situation like a fire disaster. Since the front door may not be a...
Dec 11, 2014 |

What to Think About When Looking at Getting External Doors

Doors are something that every residential or commercial building will need, whether they are big ones or small ones, every building will need one in order to provide access in or out to everyone that lives or works there.  One thing that the majority of people look for, especially for doors for their home, is the one with the most style....
Dec 11, 2014 |

How A Fire Door Protects People In The Event Of Earthquake

It is normal for anyone to be scared when thinking of about what might happen when an earthquake strikes as this is an event that no one can stop. However, the use of a fire door can also be helpful during the time when a fire will break out due to an earthquake. How does fire ensue in an earthquake situation?
Dec 11, 2014 |

Fire Resistant Doors Allow People To Be Safe

In the past, were you able to witness a house on fire? It can be the most frightening thing to be in a building that has caught fire, and even when we are only watching, we can feel how people are having a hard time getting out of the building when the fire has spread quickly.
Dec 11, 2014 |

Lonestar Overhead Doors

Family owned and operated, Lonestar Overhead Doors & Gates is dedicated to providing honest, reliable solutions for all of your automatic gate and garage door needs. We are an overhead door company that is committed to providing our customers with quality products and service throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.Our friendly and knowledgeable...
Jul 15, 2016 |
10000 N Central Expy, Ste 400
Dallas TX 75231
(972) 400-0194

Abro Doors

Abro Doors is your door services in Dallas, Texas. For over 20 years, we have worked as a subcontractor for all kinds of architects, builders and other general contractors. We can provide a wide array of installation and maintenance services for your entire door hanging needs. We install and repair all different door styles and brands. With our...
Jul 15, 2016 |
2636 Walnut Hill Ln, Ste 110
Dallas TX 75229
(972) 388-6413

Overhead Door

Overhead Door Company is Dallas' oldest and best choice for quality commercial and industrial garage doors, garage door openers, rolling steel doors, dock equipment and high speed doors. As an authorized Overhead Door Corporation distributor for over 60 years, we have built a reputation for dependability, fairness and complete customer...
Jul 15, 2016 |
2617 Andjon Dr
Dallas TX 75220
(214) 350-4621

Classic Door System Co

Classic Door Systems was started in September 2001 in Dallas, Texas after acquiring an all wood & clad patio door operation. Classic Door’s focus is on a specialty–custom segment of the wood/clad door market which larger companies have ignored.Being a start-up company, Classic Door needed to distinguish itself from the crowd, so we redesigned the...
Jul 15, 2016 |
151 Regal Row, Ste 220
Dallas TX 75247
(214) 678-9555

Artisan Door Gallery

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Jul 15, 2016 |
13619 Inwood Rd
Dallas TX 75244
(972) 386-0725

Behind Every Door

Behind Every Door strives to transform lives in underserved neighborhoods by believing the best about those who live there and inviting other caring organizations to help inspire and build up the community. We focus on seven key areas: Education, Safety, Housing, Employment, Physical/Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, and Community...
Jul 15, 2016 |
2824 Swiss Ave
Dallas TX 75204
(972) 861-5217

Wmi Doors

Established in 2003 in Dallas, TX, WoodMine Doors is a manufacturer of high quality solid entry doors made of the finest South American wood species such as Brazilian Mahogany and Rustic Walnut which offer texture, depth and beauty.WoodMine Doors carries a large inventory of doors in different styles and sizes to provide quick delivery accompanied...
Jul 15, 2016 |
1241 Majesty Dr
Dallas TX 75247
(214) 688-7070

Hung-Rite Door INC

Hung-Rite Door Inc. sales ,service & installation of garage doors & openers Call Today !!
Jul 15, 2016 |
8319 N 7th
Dallas TX 75201
(214) 200-0001

Altype Fire Door Corp

A leading manufacturer of Kalamein doors and Hollow Metal Frames since 1968, with a solid reputation for reliable and reputable workmanship and service. Our companies currently supply doors for the New York City Housing Authority, major construction companies, lumber yards, and general contractors. We offer installation of all our doors, and in...
Jul 4, 2016 |
9 Bruckner Blvd,
Bronx NY 10454
(917) 410-2358

Safeway Lock & Door Company

Safeway Lock & Door Company sells and installs locks, doors, garage doors, door and gate opening devices, and overhead doors, including locksmith services.
Jul 4, 2016 |
1404 Castle Hill Ave
Bronx NY 10462
(718) 824-5144

American Overhead Door LLC

American Overhead Door LLC provides low cost solutions for garage door installation. Our trained employees will carefully handle both the removal of your garage old door and the installation of the new one. With our years of experience we have the expertise and know-how to deal with the wide range of issues that may come up during the install...
Jul 4, 2016 |
Florham Park NJ 07932
(973) 822-9031

Accurate Door & Hardware

Accurate Door & Hardware is a family owned and operated company since 1987 centrally located in Newark, New Jersey.With a 55,000 square foot, fully-stocked facility, Accurate Door & Hardware is ready to meet your needs! We have the tri-state areas largest inventory, and all in-stock items are available for immediate pick-up or 48 hour...
Jul 4, 2016 |
10 W End Rd
Totowa NJ 07512
(973) 812-2266

Designer Doors & Home Decor

Our website has our most popular custom hardwood doors on display for use in your home. Almost all doors can have stained glass or beveled glass inserts. Custom glass can be designed as well.
Jul 4, 2016 |
478 3rd Ave
Brooklyn NY 11215
(718) 965-3616

DoorMart USA

Launched in 2000, DoorMart USA is one of the leading suppliers of commercial door hardware, commercial doors and frames in the United States. DoorMart USA was created to fill a huge gap in the commercial door and hardware industry. Previously, commercial contractors and developers who needed doors and hardware immediately had to wait six to eight...
Jul 4, 2016 |
266 Broadway, Suite 303
Brooklyn NY 11211
(877) 561-3667

Atlantic Door And Hardware Inc

Hollow metal doors, frames and architectural door hardware the door and hardware warehouse. Hollow metal doors, wood doors, frames, hardware like Stanley hinges, more.
Jul 4, 2016 |
302 Sheffield Ave
Brooklyn NY 11207
(718) 345-4500

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