Different Chemistry Science Fair Project Ideas

There are plenty of different chemistry science fair project ideas to choose from that will both be interesting to the student and allow them to understand the principles of this science. Obviously, the level of understanding will play a role in how advanced the project should be, otherwise the student will either be too bored or confused. If the...
Jan 14, 2015 |

How To Get The Chemistry In Your Relationship Back

Most relationships start out in a way that its like theres fireworks everytime the two people are together. Both of you just cant get enough of each other, you enjoy the times you spend together and cant wait to do it again. There is some kind of chemistry developing between the two of you that just seems to bind and fuse the two of you together...
Dec 4, 2014 |

Absolute Deviation In Chemistry

absolute deviation in chemistry Introduction to absolute deviation in chemistry: According to mathematical expression the term absolute deviation is defined as an aspect of informational data which determines the difference between the element and the given point. In general, the position from which the divergence is calculated. Referred to...
Dec 4, 2014 |

An Important Property Of Chemistry Lab Glassware

Chemistry lab glassware is quite different from glassware that you commonly use in your house. Glassware used in a chemistry lab is required to maintain structural integrity under much more stringent conditions than glass that would be use for something like drinking water. Chemistry lab glassware is required to endure temperatures that are very...
Dec 4, 2014 |

What Is The Purpose Of Antifreeze?

Most people assume they know what antifreeze does in a car's engine. After all, it is pretty obvious if you just look at the name. It is a chemical agent that keeps the parts of the car engine from freezing. Antifreeze does more than just that for your engine. How does it do everything all at the same time? The answer is in its make-up.
Dec 4, 2014 |

Collins Advanced Science - Chemistry [Third edition]

Written by authors with many years’ experience of teaching, examining and writing, this is an ideal resource for class or independent study. The book includes the following features: • How Science Works feature boxes focus on this key element of the new specifications. • Stretch and Challenge boxes challenge more able students,...
Mar 21, 2015 |

About.com: Chemistry

Learn chemistry, get project instructions, and learn about chemical reactions, elements, and the periodic table.
Mar 31, 2016 |


Read through research papers of chemists on different Chemistry disciplines.
Mar 21, 2016 |


Information on department activities, course and program offerings, research, and resources. With inisghts on chemistry careers.
Mar 21, 2016 |

ABC Chemistry

Directory of free full-text chemistry journals. Provides listings of and links to free (fully or partially) journals available online.
Mar 21, 2016 |


Program offered in BA and BS options. Provides coursework in the field of organic, physical, analytical, and inorganic chemistry.
Mar 21, 2016 |

Kiwi Web – Chemistry and New Zealand

Devoted to imparting knowledge in Detergent Chemistry and Chemistry to students through short abstracts and articles.
Mar 21, 2016 |

Creative Chemistry

Features chemistry puzzles, quizzes, activities games and revision sheets; UK based site focuses particularly on GCSE and A Level chemistry.
Mar 21, 2016 |


Develops and vends software for use on the organic chemistry, mass spectroscopy, and quality control fields.
Mar 21, 2016 |

Chemistry Library

Chemistry information and resources primarily serving the Chemistry Department faculty, researchers, and students.
Mar 21, 2016 |


Outlines upcoming events and news updates. Contains audio and video clips.
Mar 21, 2016 |

Chemical Synthesis Database

Searchable database of chemical substances gives the chemical structure, density, boiling and melting point, CAS registry number and synthesis references.
Feb 22, 2016 |

Organic Syntheses

Organic Syntheses detailed reliable experimental methods for the synthesis of organic compounds
Feb 11, 2016 |


Chem4Kids.com is not only an educational website for kids but for everyone as well. It provides basic chemistry information that tackles the areas of matter, atoms, elements, periodic table, reactions, biochemistry and a lot more. The website provides quizzes on each subject areas and also offers helpful links. You can access other free science...
Feb 11, 2016 |

Wired Chemist

The Wired Chemist is an online collection of scientific resources, including databases, tutorials and animations
Feb 2, 2016 |

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