NCSA-Kompatible HTTP-Server Dokumentation für .htaccess

Diese Seite beschreibt den Gebrauch von htaccess.
Mar 29, 2016 |

Cookies - HTTP

Information on Cookies an HTTP State Management Mechanism
Mar 29, 2016 |

The 404 Checker

404 Checker is a website full of useful free webmaster tools for checking HTTP status codes, headers, links, IP addresses, geo locations and domains.
Mar 29, 2016 |

W3C Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview

This is the overview materials related to the W3C HTTP activity, one of the W3C Architecture domain activities. HTTP has been in use by the World Wide Web since 1990 and its use has increased steadily over the years, mainly because it has proven.
Mar 29, 2016 |

RFC 2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP/1.1

HTTP has been in use by the World-Wide Web global information initiative since 1990. This specification defines the protocol referred to as & HTTP/1.1"and is an update to RFC 2068.
Mar 28, 2016 |

HTTP-Header Bulk Check

Checks up to 10 HTTP Headers from different URLs simultaneously.
Feb 9, 2016 |

EffeTech HTTP Sniffer

A HTTP packet sniffer, protocol analyzer and file reassembly software based on windows platform
Feb 8, 2016 |

Tutorialspoint: HTTP Protocol

HTTP Tutorial - Learn HTTP Protocol (Hypertext, Transfer, Protocol based on RFC 2616) in simple and easy steps starting from its simple overview, protocol parameters, message architecture, requests, responses, connection, caching, status codes, header fields, security  and methods like GET, POST, HEAD, PUT along with suitable examples
Feb 3, 2016 |

rproxy -- rsync in http

rproxy adds backwards-compatible extensions to HTTP that come into operation when two parties to a web request understand the `hsync' encoding. If there are no two that can handle these extensions then they are silently ignored, so that the software will interoperate smoothly with existing systems. These parties might be the user agent (browser),...
Feb 2, 2016 |

HTTP Tools

Tools for development, testing and debugging of HTTP client and server applications
Feb 1, 2016 |

Hezbollah buries militant Qantar, says Israel will be held accountable

Lebanon's Hezbollah group said on Monday that Israel would be held accountable for killing prominent militant Samir Qantar in an air strike in Syria, and accorded him an elaborate funeral of... Read More

Russia says black box from warplane downed by Turkey unreadable

Investigators in Moscow said on Monday they were unable to retrieve information from the damaged black box of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey last month, data the Kremlin hoped would support... Read More

Exclusive: U.S. glossed over Oman's human rights record during Iran talks

By Jason Szep, Matt Spetalnick and Yara Bayoumy WASHINGTON/MUSCAT (Reuters) - As the United States negotiated this year’s nuclear pact with Iran, the State Department quietly agreed to spare the... Read More